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Pricing + More

Pricing, deposits & how to arrive


à la carte services by an elevé artist 

per person

  • 85/makeup application (includes false lashes)

  • 100/regular hair styling

  • 125 for bridal hair styling

à la carte services by gertie wilson

per person

  • 150/makeup application (includes false lashes)

  • 150/regular hair styling

  • 175 for bridal hair styling

packaged hair & makeup by an elevé artist

  • Offered to groups of 3 or more people having both hair & makeup styled

  • Includes false lashes

  • Priced per person

  • 175 makeup application + hair style

  • 200 bridal makeup + hair style

packaged hair & makeup by gertie wilson

  • Offered to groups of 3 or more people having both hair & makeup styled

  • Includes false lashes

  • Priced per person

  • 275 makeup application + hair style

  • 300 bridal makeup + hair style

more {request in advance}

  • 25 airbrush makeup (per person)

  • 35 clip-in hair extensions (extensions must be provided by client)

  • 99 per hour for hair & makeup touch ups (per artist)

  • 50 early fee (before 6am)

  • 50 extra artist (request an extra artist if you need to shorten your day-of timeline)

  • 20-30 purchase lip color (per person)

  • 50 and up onsite fee (quoted upon request)

trial run {recommended but not required}

  • pricing is the same as wedding day

  • allow 2 full hours for the appointment to talk through your vision and see it come to life

  • Tip: make the most of your trial by scheduling it when you have a special event


For all appointments, we require a $25 deductible deposit per appointment. For a wedding day deposit, we require a $100 deductible deposit along with the wedding contract signed. We accept Venmo (@GertieGlam) or PayPal Friends (Gertie@EleveCosmetics.com), or mailed check (8916 Brodie Lane, Suite 500, Austin, TX 78748) for deposit. Please note that your time/day is not held until your deposit is received.



We accept cash, check or Venmo payment, unless otherwise requested in advance. For large parties paying separately, we must receive payment the week prior to the event.

30 days out

 Any service cancellations must be made thirty days prior to your reserved date or you will be responsible for the full amount of services scheduled. We will do our best to accommodate any additional services requested to be added. We will send a detailed hair/makeup schedule prior to your big day.


Day of

Woohoo, it's finally here! Please plan to arrive with a clean face & clean and dry hair to your appointment (one day dirty hair is okay, too, but don't go any longer than that). We love seeing inspiration pictures, they are worth a thousand words (thanks Pinterest!) Sit back, relax & enjoy feeling beautiful, inside & out!